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Menu - Curries and Specials

There are many varieties of curry enjoyed in Thailand. The curry pastes are prepared by crushing Thai herbs and spices. The pastes are then cooked in coconut milk together with basil leaves, bamboo slices, lime or other seasonal vegetables to complement the different flavours, meats, seafood and vegetables.


Vegetarian Options - 10.25

Standard Options with Chicken, Pork or Squid - 12.25

Premium Options with Beef, King Prawn, Fish or Duck - 13.25


41. Geang Keowan


Spicy Green Curry with bamboo strips, fine green beans, Thai basil and bullet chillies. The classic.


42. Geang Dang


Rich and tangy Red Curry with bamboo strips, fine green beans, carrots, Thai basil and bullet chillies.


43. Geang Garee


Mild Yellow Curry with onion, potato and pineapple chunks. It's kinda korma.


44. Geang Penang


Mild Penang Curry with carrots, peppers and strips of kaffir lime. Great with seafood, but also goes well with meat or vegetables.


45. Geang Massaman Neur


Mild Beef Stew style curry with onion, potato, carrots and cashew nuts. Comfort curry.


46. Geang Par - Jungle Curry


Hot and spicy, made with a very special homemade paste, without coconut milk. The real thing - it's hot!


47. Phad Phong Curry


Stir fry version of curry using mild curry powder, egg and light coconut sauce.

In addition to Stir Fry, Curries and Noodles there are a number of other traditional Thai dishes which may appeal.


71. Larb


Chopped meat with lime and chillies - Hot and tangy! A Thai classic.

Available with Chicken or Pork


72. Crispy Beef in Sweet Chilli Sauce (Prime rump)


Deep fried slices of beef with sesame seeds, carrot, onion and peppers.


73. Deep Fried Sea Bream (Whole) with Papaya Dressing


A whole sea bream deep fried and garnished with shredded papaya and chilli - the real thing!


74. Sea Bass Fillet


Lightly pan fried sea bass with either:

(A) - a lime and bird's eye chilli dressing.

(B) - a Penang coconut curry sauce with kaffir lime.


75. Grilled XL Fresh Water King Prawns


Gently grilled with garlic, chilli and butter - scrumptious!


76. Yum Neur - Beef Salad


Prime rump with carrot, onions, fresh bird's eye chilli and coriander.


77. Yum Woon Sen Telay - Seafood Salad


Squid, Prawns & Pork with red onions, fresh bird's eye chilli and coriander.

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