Thai Up At The Quay

Menu - Noodles and Rice


Vegetarian Options - 10.75

Standard Options with Chicken or Pork - 12.75

Premium Options with Beef, King Prawn or Duck - 13.75


81. Phad Thai


A classic thin Thai rice noodle dish prepared with egg and a special homemade tamarind sauce with peanuts, lime and fresh vegetables.


82. Phad Mee - Egg Noodle


Stir fried egg noodle with egg, fresh vegetables, carrot, onion and beansprout. Kinda chow mein.


83. Phad See Yu


Stir fried Thai rice ribbon noodle with egg, dark soy sauce and fresh vegetables. Great texture.


84. Phad Woon Scend


Stir fried glass noodle with light soy sauce, egg and fresh vegetables.


91. Egg Fried Rice

(Half 2.50) - Full 4.00


92. Special Fried Rice with Chicken

To Share 12.25


93. Coconut Rice

(Half 2.50) - Full 4.00


94. Special Fried Rice with Prawn and Squid

To Share 13.25


95. Hom Mali - Jasmine Rice (Steamed)

(Half 2.00) Full 3.50


96. Plain Egg Noodles

(Half 2.00) Full 3.50


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Prices are subject to change without notice.

Open for Dinner: 6pm - 10pm, Tue - Sat